Anna Friedberg (writer, vocals, guitar, cowbells and percussion), Emily Linden (guitar, vocals), and Cheryl Pinero (bass, vocals) speak to Editor Marco Gandolfi at The Great Escape Brighton on Friday 17th May 2024.

Friedberg release their stunning new single ‘My Best Friend’, co-written and produced by Dan Carey via Clouds Hill, as part of their debut album due for release later this year. The track comes alongside an enthralling music video, directed by award-winning directing duo Nüesch Sisters. The band also kicked off their Giant Rooks support tour last week, taking place across the U.S this month. The track follows on from their recent single ‘Hello’, which featured the critically acclaimed video from director Talia Beale.

Co-written and produced with prestigious post-punk producer Dan Carey (Wet Leg, Foals, Been Stellar), ‘My Best Friend’ crawls with an anticipating sense of climatic urgency that ultimately leads to a chorus of chaotic yet cohesive energy. Partnered perfectly with frontwoman Anna Friedberg’s silky vocals and signature cowbell chimes, the essence of the track is non comparable to anything other than Friedberg.

Anna, of Friedberg, says “It was the first song I wrote with Dan Carey: It started with a jam at his studio in South London - with just 2 guitars and a cowbell. Well... and a few cowbell hits later the song was there in its whole glory. I had such a good time making this track with Dan. I kind of already felt from the very first second I met him and entered his studio that this was gonna be amazing. The track is about non-commitment, I am experiencing more and more in all aspects of modern society.”

Directed by the award-winning directing duo Nüesch Sisters, the video captures the band on a commuters worst nightmare, the London underground during rush hour. Featuring people’s journey’s from all walks of life, the band appear throughout the carriage playing their respective instruments in amongst the carnage of a jam packed tube, creating the illusion that seeing a band play their latest track on public transport is the most normal thing in the world.