The best songs come from deep feelings, and this single stands apart from the mass of soulless pap out there.
It’s a tribute to the father of the Commoners’ drummer, Adam Cannon, who passed away when the band were on tour in the UK in 2023.

“We were in Sheffield when we received the news,” remembers Commoners lead singer, Chris Medhurst. “Halfway through our first UK tour, Adam was faced with the impossible decision if he should fly back to Canada to be with his father in his final moments. Greg, being a drummer himself, wanted nothing more than for Adam to keep going and make the family name proud. But the decision still weighed heavily on Adam and the band, as nothing felt like the right path forward.”

“A couple of days later in Birmingham, the decision was made for us. We played for Greg that night and have continued to do so every night since.”
‘See You Again’ is a song inspired by and dedicated to Greg, deeply passionate and relating to feelings that most of us can understand.
A huge anthemic Blues ballad, it really feels as though the whole band are feeling the loss.

It's the fourth single from their upcoming new album ‘Restless’ due out on July 5th