Hailing from Wisconsin, The Almas are a hard rock four-piece featuring Crystal Teigland (lead vocals), Frank Slifka (lead guitar), Josh Sukowski (guitar), and Andrew Ehredt (drums).

Formed in 2016, The Almas have been impressing the global rock community with their sound and shows. Offering their loyal fans crowd-pleasing live performances, they have performed with artists such as Slipknot and Buckcherry and, in 2023, they picked up the JOSIE Music Award for Rock band of the year.

This year, The Almas have dropped a new single ‘Lifeline’ along with an action-packed music video. Their aerial video was filmed in various military locations in Wisconsin and Illinois: Russell Military Museum; Burlington Municipal Airport and Kenosha Military Surplus.

With the backdrop of aircraft displaying some gravity-defying manoeuvres, The Almas build the track up with well-produced tension before plunging us into Muse infused rock. We can also hear some Hayley from Paramore come through on Crystal’s vocals. As lead siren, Crystal is the beauty to the band’s beast. Her serene angst is striking and electrifying, when mixed into The Almas’ searing energy.

Using Crystal, as the band’s melodic focus, we are drawn further into their grasp with vocal effects, fierce guitars and thunderous drumming. In terms of lyricism, this song is highly relatable. ‘Lifelife’ is about being caught up in your anxieties and frustrations which, as themes go, is etched into the very fabric of rock music. It’s a classic rock goldmine.

‘Lifeline’ is a well-executed and mighty sounding single with distinctly strong mass appeal.