In Caroline Young’s The Essential Taylor Swift, fans have the opportunity to follow a singer's treacherous road to global success. In the midst of the Era’s Tour now taking on its European leg, Young lyrically reflects on Swift’s musical evolution.

From pop minded country featured in her 2006 debut album which placed her on the map, to full blown pop and record breaking albums like ‘Midnights’,’ the retelling of the superstar covers everything in between and more.

Earning herself a list of impressive awards and accolades throughout her career including the title ‘Queen of the breakup’ due to her catchy anthems, Young touches on the singer's career milestones, career deaths as well as her life behind the scenes. Boyfriends, squads and famous celebrity feuds are all covered.

Each chapter includes a set of fun photos of the singer, from awkward yearbook snaps to glossy red carpet shots, fans can enjoy the singer's career visually. While reading about the musical influences in Swift’s early life- The Dixie Chicks, Faith Hill, Shania Twain- Young paints the image of a nervous newcomer selling thirty nine-thousand copies of her debut album in its first week and leaves readers with the multi award winning icon audiences recognise today.

Each album comes with a dedicated chapter (Fearless, Speak Now, Red etc) so readers can familiarise themselves with each ‘era’, chronologically. Including extracts from various interviews during her career span of over a decade, fans are able to discover the singer's desire to remain authentic, the exterior influences on her songwriting in each album and of course, her famous switch in aesthetics from each era to the next.

The Essential Taylor Swift is ultimately a must-read for fans or anyone interested in understanding the multifaceted career of Taylor Swift. It offers an engaging narrative of her life, artistry and her undeniable mark on the music industry.