“There’s nothing I can tell you, that you don’t already know,” Justin Sullivan, as always, tells it the way it is, and the way it is with New Model Army right now sees them enjoying what seems to be an endless Indian Summer.

The sun shone in London all day this magnificent Saturday, the hottest day of the year so far, but the heat was only really felt after the wonderful Ned’s Atomic Dustbin concluded their well received support slot to make way for Bradford’s finest.

Touring their most recent album 'Unbroken' - their 16th in a 40 plus year career - NMA took to the stage of the iconic Camden Roundhouse for the last night of the first leg of a busy European/UK tour. Not that they’ll be resting for too long as a busy festival season awaits that will include them travelling to Brazil and Mexico, before returning in time to headline the Avalon Field at Glastonbury.

When NMA take the stage they are still a force to be reckoned with. Justin Sullivan still prowls with the look of a wild animal in his eyes. There is an energy - a passion - that has never been fully captured by their studio releases, despite them working with some top-notch producers in their time. The new album carries their hallmark sound of pounding drums and prominent bass, underpinning Sullivan’s urgent lyrics. And with several months to bed in the new songs, they come alive when let loose on the ever-expectant audience who have still kept the faith after so many years.

The setlist mainly showcases the new album with carefully chosen back catalogue numbers weaved in from across at least 8 of their previous albums. Older songs like 'No Greater Love', '225', 'No Rest' remain highlights, with the audience telling everyone so with raised hands and voices belting out every lyric. More recent songs like Winter stand equally tall, whilst new songs from 'Unbroken' find their place confidently alongside the others when played live.

The audience included many a face that looked like they’d been in it for the long haul, but there were younger ones there too. Good to see that different generations are connecting with a band that - as has been said many times - remain on the fringes and under the radar for many.

There is no sense that the fire is dwindling. Justin Sullivan remains the corner stone of course, and after the house lights come on after the final encore, he is last to leave the stage, soaking in the energy from a hungry audience who would have wanted more.

And it’s not too late, if you haven’t been blessed seeing NMA live yet, make sure you do. The music is more accessible than ever, the crowd a welcoming brotherhood and life just too short to miss these cult heroes. It’ll come to an end one day, as all things do, but let’s hope they burn bright for several more years yet.

Coming or Going
States Radio
First Summer After
If I Am Still Me
Do You Really Want to Go There?
No Greater Love
Cold Wind
Green and Grey
Angry Planet
Wonderful Way to Go

No Rest
Get Me Out