Big Wolf Band share a common place with the hundreds of British Blues bands playing the circuit, laying down their music and hoping for the chance to step up into the next level. Unlike most, Big Wolf Band are grabbing that chance, and this album suggests a bright future and present.

The band have been around for 10 years, and in that time, they have built a rep as one of the most exciting and dynamic bands on the circuit. Most of their material is written by the band – Blues-rock in all its flavours and of a really high quality.
The new album is about the growth of the band and frontman’s Jonathan Earp’s personal journey. Every song telling a story, but very recognizable as Big Wolf.
There is a strong Southern rock feel to the album, massive riffs, powerful drums and Earp’s growling and tuneful vocals. A whispering organ sits at the back of most tracks and there is some fine backing vocal from Zoe Green
The band, lead guitar and vocals – Jonathan Earp, bass – Mick Jeynes, drums – Tim Jones, rhythm guitar and backing vocals – Justin Johnson, piano and Hammond organ – Robin Fox,
backing vocals – Zoe Green, are playing as well as I’ve ever heard them and the material is definitely the best they have written.

“Rebel’s Journey highlights my own personal battle with my mental and physical health,” says vocalist and guitarist Jonathan Earp. “I have a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (HEDS) which affects everything. I had surgery in mid-2019 during our Be Free tour to repair damage to my right shoulder, dislocations, and nerve pain. Unfortunately, the operation caused more pain and numbness and for nearly 2 years I struggled to play; some days to even hold a plectrum.”
“Songs like Standing in the Rain, Black Dog Blues and Living on Borrowed Time are about the battles I had during those dark days. My condition will always be a challenge but one I live with and continue to prove doubters wrong.”

Continues Jonathan, “the album isn’t all doom and gloom, despite being in the blues genre. “Empire and a Prayer, my first co-written song with Justin Johnson, as well as Got Me Reeling and Living on Borrowed Time. We have had many a joke with my dark writing style, Justin brings the light and love. Rise Together is one of the songs on the album I am proud of and is all about the power of love, rising together and that anything is possible.”
“As the title of the album suggests, it has been one hell of a journey.”

It’s also been worth the effort. One of the best albums I’ve heard this year.