Hozier released his latest EP ‘Unheard’ last week, featuring unreleased tracks recorded during the ‘Unreal Unearth’ sessions from his previous album.

This surprise EP comes after the Irish singer first began hinting at the prospect of new music online earlier this month by teasing fans by sharing a video of a notebook.

Only shortly after revealing that an EP was on the way, Hozier has dropped the ‘Unheard EP’, which features four previously unreleased songs.

The EP includes ‘Too Sweet’, ‘Empire Now’, ‘Fare Well’, and a final track titled ‘Wildflower and Barley’, featuring Canadian Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and activist, Allison Russell.

‘Too Sweet’ has been already found fame shortly after its release, reaching a No. 2 debut on Spotify's U.S. chart with 18million streams so far, and a celebration by fans on social media has sent the song viral on TikTok. This track is led by a powerful bassline and a chorus that is not only catchy but unforgettable “I think I’ll take my whiskey neat / My coffee black and my bed at three / You’re too sweet for me,”.

‘Wildflower and Barley’ slows things down on the EP as we move into an acoustic ballad full of passion and emotions, aka what Hozier does best. His vocals sound like fine wine, getting better with each line and Allison’s sweet, airy vocals compliment his perfectly. The tender, mellow instrument with a string section is a flawless addition to this brilliant song.

‘Empire Now’ shows Hozier’s vocal ability as he switches between slower, gritty vocals which smoothly transition into a sound so potent and commanding. ‘Fare Well’ is raw and honest but uplifting: it touches the soul as he provides a sense hope through his lyrics about carrying on through depression.

Hozier is currently touring around North America and is set to play various festivals throughout the summer.