Fred Hostetler is an indie artist, American musician, singer/songwriter, and author who has worked with major artists including Johnny Winters, Graham Parker, the Knack, Billy Squier, Jeff Beck, and Grammy award winning producer Jack Douglas. Musically, he is primarily a Blues and Americana artist, but I hear elements of reggae, folk and country in his highly pitched vocals, even touches of Willie Nelson.

Hostetler describes ‘Rain Walking’: ”There is something about the rain that reaches into our very souls. This water from the heavens, fundamental to our existence, can be uplifting, evocative, and sentimental and yet at same time pulling up memories of struggle and hardship. How lovely that somehow it all harmonizes with a joy that seems to emanate from the experience itself. In the natural course of life, our efforts and failures and the resulting growth can lead to a resolve to keep on walking through it all, one step at a time, with a sense of gratitude. I call it ‘rain walking’.”

Hostetler is a storyteller, and his vocals are very much upfront. He plays a mean slide and resonator, slow and low in the Folk Blues style.

My favourite track is a song in praise of Bob Marley. Not exactly in the normal style of Hostetler, but his voice is suited to the reggaefied style of the number.

A fine listen, Hostetler is easy on the ear but he writes meaningful songs that resonate with anyone prepared to listen.