Collateral are one of the better bands to have emerged in the latest wave of British rock bands and this single is a taster for their new album coming out in May.

There is an insistent, almost breathless, pace to the track, with a fine vocal from Angelo Tristan and a great riff from Louis Malagodi. The beat is martial, pounding and consistent, Jack Bentley-Smith (bass) and Ben Atkinson (drums) creating a storm in the engine room.

Angelo Tristan: “We wanted this album to express where we were in our own lives since the release of our first. So much has happened since then, I mean the world shut down for what felt like a lifetime! And it was obvious that people were going to need some sort of optimism. “Glass Sky” I hope is one of those songs that gives people the belief to find themselves again.”
Producer Dan Weller (Those Damn Crows, Kris Barras, Stone Broken, Elles Baily, Enter Shakari), has done a great job in finding the heart of the band and while their debut showed a lot of promise, this is some much better in terms of space and density.