Artists releasing themselves from major labels to go independent once they’re established seems to be something of a trend these days. The Snuts latest release shows them doing just that. The five track EP would’ve had the unusual feat where all tracks on the EP feature on their impending new album. However, algorithm tacticians believe that this now actually proves beneficial to have as many avenues to stream a track as possible. The Snuts have always been clear on wanting to do things on their terms. And after falling out with their Major Label on the previous record due to not being allowed to release it before the tour, it’s no surprise that they’ve decided to take their next music venture on their own. Cochrane, The Snuts frontman said “We feel like we’ve got so much more to offer this year than we did last year” and it’s this sense of freedom which is expressed all across this EP.

The Snuts in their career so far have seemed to be able to blend well a commercial sound with throwback indie. It’s a clever approach which demonstrates their understanding of their target audience, whilst still appealing to perhaps a wider fanbase. The title track 'Millionaires' demonstrates this again. A song about avoiding millennial expectancy that has been present in social media in which “money, possessions, status and misogyny are paramount for success”. This is summarised well in the bridge:

“Breaking bodies just to make some Money,
what a funny kind of
State of mind to make us happy”

It makes sense for this track to be the EP opener. Both with the upbeat and catchy chorus which makes this not only a great single, but also perhaps a little message to their previous conformities and expectations of glitz and glamour that being signed to a major label produced. “If love was money, we’d be Millionaires”. It is apparent all over this record that there is a theme of freedom attached to it. Not only from the album artwork of a rainbow stretching over a fictional town, but also lyrically. Track four, 'Dreams' is another example of this. The romantic lyricism within this does the title of the song justice “You’re Rome more than Paris, you’re prettier too”.

But it’s the first single, and the last track on the album entitled 'Gloria' that really highlights what a massive milestone this is for the band. This summer dripping song has already become one of their most streamed on Spotify, and perfectly captures the essence of this record. It’s a throwback to what their original fanbase fell in love with, with nods to the bands early single 'Maybe California', whilst grabbing the attention of a wider appeal. Fan made T-shirts were created a matter of weeks upon the songs release, and it is sure to be a crowd pleaser for anyone at festivals unfamiliar with The Snuts. This single is one that we may reflect on in future years when highlighting the band's key milestones.

Overall, This EP is one that should fill The Snuts fans with confidence, and excitement for the future. All songs have an energy that encapsulates their personality, and all done independently. Perhaps fans feared when news of them leaving their Major Label was released. However, the creative freedom and confidence that is demonstrated throughout this record cannot be overlooked. And the fact that all these tracks will be on their upcoming album may mean that another chart flying record may be on the cards. It may be February, but this record feels like Summer is a week away.