After four years away from the studio, Toucan offers soulful serenity on the new single ‘Don’t Understand Why’.

It’s been a while since the Irish singer has graced the scene with new material. A pair of pleasant jazz covers (Dancing in the Moonlight and Lovely Day) were released all the way back in 2020.

Regular visitors to this parish may remember that Music News has previously offered Toucan high praise while reviewing his EP, So Easy to Love You. The review complimented the energy of the funk-pop project as well as the singer’s honey-like voice.

Pleasingly, much of what charmed us all those years ago still remains at the core of ‘Don’t Understand Why’.

The track is a bright and cosy affair that wants the listener to feel as if they’re contentedly drifting away on clear blue water on a gorgeous summer’s day.

An organ cheerily chirps out the first few notes before serenely settling into a soothing, gentle flow. A cosy vigour is provided courtesy of a trumpet, which briefly peaks above the mix, melodiously meshing with the harmonised backing chorus.

With musicianship sure to cheer even the grumpiest of souls, the stage is set for Toucan to impress. The Irishman does not disappoint.

The singer, presumably better known as Conor Clancy to his friends, has a natural vocal charm which doesn’t have to work too hard to get the listener’s ear on side.

As Toucan musically muses about whether a relationship is right for him, he opts against vocal tricks and flourishes to wow the audience, instead allowing his smooth soulful pipes to complement this breeze of a track, rather than force their stamp upon it.