Troy Redfern is nothing if not prolific. He is also dynamic, powerful and one of the best slide guitarists around today. Couple that with his live set and he is developing into a serious artist.

This single is drawn from his upcoming album ‘Invocation’ which is due in May next year.

‘The Strange’ is not typical Troy Redfern. The riff is massive, and his slide is outrageous, but there is a melodic sense that couples with a driving beat to make this one of the most exciting tracks he has laid down.
There is a bit of a ZZ Top growl but the track has a huge space around it that explodes from the core – it is like hearing the band in three dimensions, not just width and depth but a great sense of height as well.
Troy has a look that Johnny Depp could only wish for – the long hair, beard and tattoos look real rather than lifestyle – and he is one of the more active players around the scene.

Says Troy, “The Strange is about the realisation that a relationship is falling apart in slow motion. Despite how difficult it may seem to break away, it’s about the sense that life is slipping by is an ever-present feeling.”

A heck of a way to start the year.