Gong have been spreading their particular kind of pixie dust around the planets since 1967, originally formed by Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth, both of whom sadly passed in 2015 & 2016 respectively.
However, it was never a band of constant members and the wonderment has continued through many different lineups, with members leaving and rejoining almost at will.
This current lineup includes Fabio Golfetti on guitar, Dave Sturt on bass, Ian East on saxes, Kavus Torabi on guitar and vocals and Cheb Nettles on drums.

‘Unending Ascending’ is immediately a Gong album – strange timings, crossing rhythms, sitting somewhere between space-rock and space-jazz and always with a delightful feeling of wonder and naivety in the vocals.
Over the years different instruments have been in the lead for Gong and in this incarnation Ian East’s various woodwinds both drive the melodies and create a counterpoint to the guitars while the vocals add instrumental depth more than singing lyrics.
Gong are a band who make music that is unique to them, constantly evolving and developing but at their heart, always the eternal space hippies. The powerful beats are new but still work seamlessly with the wide-eyed form of the rest of the band.

The first track released from the album is ‘My Guitar Is A Spaceship’, actually featuring guitar riffs over driving drums while East’s sax has free rein to play behind and around the core.

The second single from the album, ‘All Clocks Reset’, focuses more on the lyrics and the guitar lines.

The album is never less than interesting and it is very easily to lose yourself into the flow of the music.