I listen to this debut album and simultaneously look for his extensive back catalogue. He should not sound this confident or this convinced on his first album – except that he does.

His dark and low vocals enhance some stunning rock and Blues writing, and, while his story contains a lot of pain, his playing explodes out of the speakers as an exultation of music.
He has clearly learnt from the best and you can hear some faint echoes of stellar names such as Howlin’ Wolf or John Mellencamp, Stevie Ray Vaughan or Jerry Lee. Some of the beats reminded me of T. Rex at their best. But all this is pinpoints of his own music and he really is a talent.

The music varies between the light and rocky and some really deep and dark Blues but all of it stems from his own story and he give you his history in the songs found here.

The album bursts out with ‘Make You Mine Tonight’ and from there it is a rollercoaster of rock and Blues and Rock & Roll with track after track catching a different part of the ear but never missing the bull.

An excellent debut and suggestive of a hell of a career to come.