Brilliant new single from a young man who is just beginning to explode across the hard rock scene.
Thos who have been lucky enough to watch as he progressed from good but not fully confident are finally beginning to see him getting the props he deserves.

This single has one of the best riffs I’ve heard this year along with Jack’s vocals which seem to gain in depth every time I’ve seen him. It is the third from his upcoming new album – release in Feb next year.

Hutchinson explains, "I wanted to write a riff that was like 'Whole Lotta Love' twisted on its head, after a round of sambuca. The vocal line and melody bring together my Mancunian roots with a hint of 80s hard rock, fists in the air, euphoria. This leads into the guitar solo, which was a lot of fun to record. I said to producer and co-writer Josiah Manning, 'let's try mixing Van Halen with Stevie Ray Vaughan,' and this was the outcome!"

Credits are Jack J Hutchinson on vocals and guitar, Josiah Manning on bass and guitar, and Billy Hammett on drums.
The accompanying music video, directed by Kris Barras, pays homage to Steve McQueen's Bullitt.