'Broken' is the first single to be taken from Unknown Territories’ forthcoming album. Unknown Territories is a Mancunian supergroup of sorts, what started out as an idea between Rikki Turner (Paris Angels) and Martin McLaren grew into a project with Seán Crossey, Esther Maylor (Heavy Salad), Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets), Lewis Jones and Callum Croston.

Delicacy is woven into the very fabric of this track and I found myself instantly immersed in this minimalist dance creation on the first play. It features Esther's hauntingly striking lead vocals and big beats incorporated with digi-intricacies. Her flow is natural and organic, which is paradoxical to the artificial orchestra that forms a majestic sound with a bittersweet sense of isolation. It is altogether elusive and seductive and hits the same notes as Massive Attack and Disclosure.

I loved it and genuinely cannot wait to hear what their album brings.