Art Feynman is the pseudonym of visual artist and producer Luke Temple. ‘Be good the crazy boys’ is Feynman’s third album out now on Western Vinyl.

Art Feynman is the ghost of - the still very much alive - Chaz Jankel. Jankel was a key component of Ian Dury’s multi-rhythmic back-ensemble The Blockheads between 1977 and 1980. However, it is Jankel’s solo-output between 1980 – 1985 that Feynman’s sonics evoke. Breezing, bouncing and heartbeat-bopping. Pleasing, pronouncing and hopping. Part existential crises part exponential diaries. Pasts informing presents/passeds informing presence.

Art Feynman delivers an album that incorporates (in any particular order) a poly-mixture of mutant disco, jazz-funk, new-wave, No Wave, reggae-pop and post-punk panoramics that also brings to mind the Compass Point Studio productions of Talking Heads, Grace Jones, Tom Tom Club and the late Lizzy Mercier Descloux. A transcultural cross-global melting-pot-pourri.

Art Feynman is committed to continuing the progressive elements of these forebears. He succeeds.
Art Feynman channels and divines his years of off-grid existence into living cath-art-icism. Composing a self-help humanual for utopian means. Creation is an anagram of reaction after all.

Art Feynman is a master of disguise, his alter-ego acting as an effective cipher to propose personal proclamations and impose merciful emancipations.

Art Feynman kicks proceedings off with ‘Early signs of rhythm’ a song that simply states its case, does exactly what is suggests, takes you on a hypnotic trip replete with Frippertronic screeching and a retro-saxual awakening. You’re also unlikely to hear the Gnostic entity Abraxas sung about elsewhere this year. Or any. A veritable din of antiquity.

Art Feynman articulates and postulates on ‘Therapy at 3pm’. As it builds and builds, vocals accelerate as thoughts penetrate, the surrounding sounds scatter and swing, the ascending crescendo echoing the psychic-all clashing of details and deadlines.

Art Feynman is taking one step at a time, each advancement a move away from inertia and entropy. It would make sense if you and everyone you know, to accompany him.