Often referred to as the Queen of Country Pop, Shania Twain made a royal return to Leeds Arena.

Since emerging with her self-titled debut album in 1993 she has sold over 100 million records worldwide with her album Come on Over being the biggest selling studio album by a female artist of all time.

Following a Lyme Disease diagnosis in 2003 she suffered from a condition called dysphonia where the singer was not able to project the sound and quality of her voice, though her newly stabilised voice sounded incredibly strong in a concert that was a celebration of Twain’s career to date.

Twain certainly knows how to make an entrance: she emerged out of a covered box part ay through the crowd, like a magician’s assistant, wearing a pair of silver rimmed spectacles and a pink wig looking every inch the star of the show.

Opening with new track Waking Up Dreaming, the next two hours were a masterclass in entertainment – one minute she was riding on the back of an imitation Harley motorbike to perform I’m Gonna Getcha Good!, the next we were all invited to the Twain Town Saloon for Any Man of mine- complete with a fiddle player.

In an immersive show she invited an eight-year-old fan up on stage with her, “What is your favourite song?” asked Twain to which the youngsters offers “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” – the band break into the song and the young fan duets with Twain- whist it all might have seemed spontaneous the moment did appear to be a little contrived.

Support act Breland joined Twain on stage for Inhale/Exhale Air which brought a different perspective to the evening before the disco mirror balls were brought out for an energetic version of Number One.

Special mention to her two backing singers/dancers who worked tirelessly throughout the show – their enthusiasm was infectious. Saving her most well-known hits to the end That Don’t Impress Me Much and Man! I Fee l Like a Woman! brought the cowboy wearing audience up on their feet to conclude a concert that, pardon the pun, did impress me very much.