Playing in the UK for the first time I was in high-spirits awaiting The Terry's London debut show at the O2 Academy 2 Islington. Having just released their first official UK single ‘Silent Disco’ from their forthcoming sophomore album I hoped that the high-octane track was a blistering marker for what was about to come from the Australian quintet.

The Gerrigong boys - Jacob Finch (vocals), Lukas Anderson (lead guitar), Ben Salvatori (rhythm guitar), Cameron Cooper (drums), and Trent Cooper (bass) – took to the stage after tuning their instruments for a low-key start. They even had to gee up the crowd asking “do you wanna hear some music? Well make some noise then!”.

All wearing baseball caps, except Jacob with his shoulder length dishevelled blond hair under a flat cap and bassist Trent choosing the natural look. It’s clear that style is not high on the agenda, but luckily catchy 2–3 minute indie-pop gems are. The slow burn start eased us gently head bobbing into the evening, it took ‘Situation 99’ from debut album ‘True Colour’ to the get the crowd jumping. And before you knew it the mosh pit was in full swing.

“We finally made it to London then!” Jacob announces to a cheer. His red cagoule and cap now off, slowly moving up the gears, warm up over and time for the night to burst into life.

There are some wonderful tunes on offer here with a melting pot of influences from the indie-rockers playbook. Such as ‘Eyes Like Napalm’, ‘Hopscotch’ ‘and ‘IDK’ the band clearly enjoying themselves with some delightful guitar work from Lukas and Ben. A joyous cover of Ben Lee 'Catch My Disease' sees the audience in full voice. ‘Pesos’, ‘Our Paradise’, ‘Waiting For You’ and their final track ‘Silent Disco’ all a pleasure to witness. The Terrys return to the stage for one more catchy classic ‘Can’t Catch Me’ and the night comes to an end. The hour-long gig is a perfect slice of indie heaven.

With the new tracks having all the zesty charm of their predecessors, I for one can’t wait for the new album to drop. Make no mistake, The Terrys are a band on the rise.