One of a great crew of Classic Rock bands treading the boards at present, The Dust Coda make a great noise.

Current lineup is John Drake – vocals, rhythm guitar, Adam Mackie – lead guitar, Scott Miller – drums, Tony Ho – bass guitar and they’ve been together for around 10 years.

They really do fit well into the New Wave of Classic Rock scene with fast riffs, driving rhythms and throaty and powerful vocals but there is something about them that sets them aside from the rest. Their songs have more variation and more melody than most of their contemporaries and they have more complexity than the norm. At times, their song structures harken back to the psychedelic era.
Drake has a fine voice. He has a melodious and tuneful vocal that can equally belt out a massive rock vocal and he is developing into a brilliant frontman. Adam Mackie is a strong guitarist and he has grown enormously since their first outings

The album is really good to listen to. Plenty of variation in pace and power, some real tunefulness and melody but when they turn on the riffs it is positively electrifying.
Favourite numbers are ‘Road To Hell’ and ‘Love Sick’ while their tribute to Taylor Hawkins, ‘Come The Night’ is heartfelt and really meaningful and really shows the range they are capable of.