Starlite & Campbell are not overly prolific but they are the sort of band who, when they release new material, need to be listened to.
They have been in ‘the bizness’ for a long while, playing and interacting with other artists, but only together as a band for about six or seven years and this is their third studio album!
All three albums were recorded in different countries as their nomadic influences have pulled them from the Isle Of Man to Germany and finally to Portugal, and all three have a very different feel.
As well as guitars, synths and vocals by Simon Campbell and Bass, piano, synths and vocals from Suzy Starlite, they are joined by jazz-rock drummer Hugo Danin.
Previously, they have been in a Blues/rock vein but this time around they are in a very much an art-rock place, with some influences of electronic and 'outsider' rock.
There is an element of darkness about the album, and some tracks feel as though there has been some shift in the heart of the band, but the performances are exquisite, and I really can’t fault any moment.

Of the nine tracks here, every one has a reason to exist, no filler, and every one makes a statement. Sometimes you have to work to get to the inner meaning, but music that exercises your mind should be greeted with open ears.
The vocals all through are quite superb and the two are certainly working as well apart as they are in harmony. It feels as though they are using synths more than in the past but Simon’s guitar is sharp as ever while Suzy’s bass lines are fluid and insistent.

For me, the absolute standout tracks are a couple of ballads – ‘Blow Them All To Pieces’ features Simon Campbell on vocal, suddenly discovering he really can sing was a shock. The segment of twin guitars against a wandering little synth line was beautiful. Suzy’s vocal on ‘Everything’, against a Sequential Prophet 5, with tons of echo, is magnificent and deeply chilling.
‘A Part Of Me Is Broken (Part two)’ is a terrific track, heavy bass lines and fast paced synth lines with Simon’s vocals getting a strong workout.
Normally, I can see tracks by Starlite & Campbell as live numbers and I can definitely see a few off ‘Starlite.One’ working on stage while others might be difficult to work out.

Starlite & Campbell are a unique band, creative and good to listen to at the same time.
‘Starlite.One’ is them developing and showing a whole new side and a very good one at that.