Going to the Royal Albert Hall for any event is always a treat, especially when it’s teamed with watching one of Disney Marvel’s top grossing films, Black Panther, accompanied by the Chineke! Orchestra. The affable conductor Anthony Parnther warmed the audience up with his impressions of Darth Vader (Star Wars ) and Mufasa (Lion King) much to the amusement of old and young audience members. Anthony Parnther, introduced us all to the work that he and Ludwig Göransson have collaborated on such as: Tenet, Madalorian and my personal favourite Turning Red. Parnther, then brought onto the stage, special guest Massamba Diop. He looked very dashing in his turquoise ankara.The talking drums soloist delighted everyone with a small taste of his drumming skills. Massamba Diop worked on the original scores for both Black Panther films.

Naturally, everyone marvelled at the Marvel intro, which led to a massive round of applause. There was sadness knowing that Chadwick Boseman is no longer with us but fortunately we are left with the legacy of his work. The soft string instruments and gentle percussion created a wonderful ambiance into the world of Wakanda.

A memorable moment was during the scene where all the tribes within Wakanda arrive to see T'Challa officially named King of Wakanda on Challenge Day. Diop definitely brought home the West African vibes with each tap of his tama.The Chineke! Orchestra played seamlessly alongside Black Panther. They built up the tension with such tenacity it had me at the edge of my seat. Whilst, smoothly transitioning to a calmer and quieter dynamic. The joyous music amplified everything that made Black Panther a globally successful film.

By the ending credits the Chineke! Orchestra and Massamba Diop received a resounding round of applause and standing ovation. Everyone in attendance was enthralled by what they had seen and heard. Diop then treated us all to an encore, showing us why he is considered the GOAT of talking drums.With his rhythmically fast paced beats, he had everyone clapping along to the universal language of music. Hopefully, the Royal Albert Hall’s Films in Concert series will include Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and they will bring back the amazing Chineke! Orchestra, celebrating diversity at its finest.