There are thousands of so-called ‘Blues’ players out there and 99% aren’t worth five minutes of serious listening. Then there is Giles Robson and his Blues is pure, natural and deep into the groove of it all. There is no-one who has managed to collect the accolades and the applause of the purveyors of real Blues music.
He’s the third only British blues artist after Eric Clapton and Peter Green to win a Memphis Blues Music Award and the only European or UK blues artist to appear on Chicago’s legendary Alligator Records, who describe him as a “Blues giant, absolute master of the form”.
He is probably the best modern harmonica player, British, European OR American, and this 5 track EP is a joy from the first notes to the last.

The EP was recorded with some of France’s top Blues masters – Franck Goldwasser on guitar, the legendary Philippe LeJeune on piano and Frace’s top rhythms section Pascal Delmas on drums and Mig Toquereau on bass.

5 tracks, all written by Robson and demonstrating 5 different sides of the Blues. Personal favourites are ‘Too Hot For The Devil’ and the instrumental ‘Stompin’ at Lolo’s Place’ but listening to the EP from start to finish was a delight every time.

There is so much ordinary and pedestrian Blues out there but when you come across a true maestro, it is worth cherishing.