Big Wolf have been around for nearly ten years now, playing top quality Blues with a rocky element to much of what they do. Having seen them live a couple of times, I was looking forward to them finally releasing a live album. In the main, this delivers.

The band’s line up of Guitar and Vocals - Jonathan Earp, Bass Guitar - Mick Jeynes, Keys - Robin Fox, Drums - Tim Jones & Rhythm Guitar and Vocals - Justin Johnson sports about a hundred and twenty years of playing experience and all that combines to make for a really tight band, well versed in each other’s abilities and laying down the sort of set that will please many a Tuesday night crowd (other nights available).

Earp’s guitar playing is really strong, subtle as well as capable of the stronger meat, and Robin Fox keyboards carry real depth to the music. The two combine brilliantly on the dark and soulful ‘If I Ever Loved Another Woman’ with a beautiful guitar solo underpinned by rolling organ chords. The qualities of Jeynes and Jones in the sweatshop at the base of the band are evident on classic R&B numbers like ‘Done Wrong By You’ or the Free-like ‘Love That Hurts’.

Throughout the set they switch up styles and rhythms, never getting bogged down and showing off all their talents.

They are a band that has built a large following through a combination of talent and hard work and this is a fine representation of why they sell out clubs around the country or are picked for support slots with the likes of Bernie Marsden, Elles Bailey, Climax Blues, Chantel MacGregor etc.