Originally written in 1927 by Blind Lemon Jefferson, 'See My Grave Is Kept Clean' has been covered by the likes of B.B. King, Bob Dylan and Lightnin’ Hopkins and I’ve heard it played on acoustic, banjo and even (shudders) a heavy metal version featuring Irish bagpipes.
This version is stripped back to the barest of bones with The Gator on resonator guitar, Candice Avory on vocals and Mike Gordon on ‘percussion’.

It is an absolutely wonderful version.
Gator’s guitar is gently picked, very spare and has exactly enough presence to carry the melody, while Ivory’s vocals are pure and have a sweetness of tone with just a hint of drawl to give them character. Mike Gordon’s handclaps shape the rhythm perfectly.
More importantly, the sense of a prayer to a friend comes over with a deep beauty and honesty.

It was recorded as a tribute to Gator’s mother who passed never hearing him play live and released, appropriately, on Mothers Day.