The album title lies. This is one album that is in the groove with both feet, booty, boobies and big ol’ smile. There isn’t a moment that doesn’t get your ass moving.

Its amazing to think that the Boneshakers have been around, in one form or another, for 25 years! Founder Randy Jacobs (Was Not Was) is still there and the rest of the outfit comprises Jenny Langer on vocals, Nathan Brown on bass, Jon Gilutin on keyboards, Sergio Gonzalez on drum plus The Texicali Horns, Joe Sublett on sax & Mark Pender on trumpet. All together, a potent crew with experience that covers the length and breadth of the soul, funk & groove scene.
Jenny Langer is new to the outfit but not the scene as she was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame (NYC and VA) at the age of 28 and won the last Int’l Blues Challenge for Best Self-Produced Album. She has a powerful voice, dripping with soul and sexiness but also capable of some really sweet moments.

The album has two original songs, ‘Big Legged Man’ & ‘Powerful Notions’, along with 8 covers from artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, Jagger/Richards. Donnie Fritts, Clarence Reid and more.
Every song gets a full on treatment from the band and the result is a perfect Saturday night mixtape of groove laden soul and funk.