Our treasured Royal Albert Hall, welcomed the piano virtuoso, collaborator, raconteur and melophile – the legendary Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, to its stage.

Holland's formula works - he recreates the stage as, a soul place, his home, where the ‘family’ perform and extended family, the audience, are active participants.. Let the all inclusive party night begin –support act, the classic soul prince, Lukas Setto lays down the night’s tone, with his infectious and funky charged set.

Setto strikes a balance with soulful baseline grooves, tight production and striking vocal chords, as he expertly elevates the crowd with, ‘Get with You Tonight’ and ‘My Destiny’.

Enter Holland, to a primal roar of appreciation, reverberating off the infamous acoustic mushrooms, as he welcomed, bantered and drew the crowd into his ‘living room’, with his upbeat, masterful intro. Holland performed a beautiful jazz rendition of Johann Sebastian Bach's Air, from an infamous cigar advert, as he recounted happy, childhood and early band memories, with his razor sharp wit, as fingers skilfully glided over his ivories.

An eclectic lineup of special guests, displayed an unspoken, collective respect and included the emotional vocal range of Louise Marshall, jazz songstress Sumudu Jayatilaka, Rita Wilson, the silky sounds of Richard Hawley, with a sprinkle of the unique, smoky vocal intensity of Celeste and the striking vocal spectrum, that is Roland Gift, among others.

Holland’s Rhythm & Blues Orchestra interspersed the set, with solo spots, as he stepped aside for friends, to showcase exemplary skills. Gilson Lavis took to his spot, as ‘the world’s best drummer’ with his distinct sound, speed, power and prowess, to a raucous appreciative cheer from an engaged crowd,

Ruby Turner impact was effortless, as her sheer vocal strength exuded untouched power. Arms outstretched to receive the love - Roland Gift’s debut of ‘Suspicious Minds’ was sublime – as the crowd were on their feet with a deafening welcome.

An encore of The Beatles, ‘All You Need is Love’ with a starry mobile light show, before Prince Buster’s, ‘Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)’ uplifting track blasted out, to an exuberant crowd, to close this unforgettable house party….