Coleman Jennings, lead singer/songwriter of the country rock band Coleman Jennings and the Roaddogs chatted to Music News. The band has just released a new single, "Caroline." We got to learn the inspiration behind the song, the band, and much more.

Hey Coleman! Tell us more about you and what inspired you musically growing up? What instruments do you play? Did Austin's music scene influence you in any way?

I was put into vocal lessons from a very young age. Around 5 or 6. I participated in choir every year of life until I got to college. Choir and classical singing was a huge part of my life. Inspirationally, my dads music taste had a massive impact. My dad would always play classic rock or the eagles. Always. The Eagles were drilled into my brain as a kid - thank god for that. I play the piano and guitar, but mainly the guitar. I studied jazz guitar for years - very rigorously at the tail end of high school which I spent at a boarding school.

Austin’s music scene influenced me a lot. The greats that have come from austin such as SRV and Eric Johnson are massive influences on my guitar playing. And even local musicians such as Eric Tessmer and Jake Andrews have taught me a ton. Jake Andrews was actually my guitar teacher for many years.

How did the band come together? What's the story behind the name "Coleman Jennings and the Roaddogs?

The band formed gradually. Me, Jenko (drums) and Bob (bass) were all in a country cover band before we decided to leave very early in 2022. We had all been playing so much together that we knew we could find success making original music. Finn Dickens (piano) joined the band early in 2022 as well. We knew each other from early highschool and I knew he was a savant on the piano. We all have spent years together as friends, and it shows in our music. I believe the best music comes from a group of young friends - just look at The Beatles, or The Eagles, or America.

The name “The Roaddogs” comes from my fathers old biker gang. My father and grandfather would ride Harley’s around America. I’ve been the word “roaddogs” and seeing the roaddogs logo since I was a kid.

Congrats on the new single "Caroline"! We love it. How did the song come to be?
I wrote Caroline early my freshman year of college and recorded it at the end of my sophomore year. I had played a show for a sorority in march 2022 and the sound engineer that ran the show told me to come to his home studio (moonlab studios) to record a demo. I went and was so happy with the results that we decided to make a full album. Jon and Barb from Moonlab Studios have helped me as an independent musician more than I can say. They are a blessing.
When I went to the studio Caroline came out very easily. Me and the band all played our instruments seamlessly and created a great song.

The lyrics to Caroline are about the struggles of trying to work and love simultaneously; they are a testament to unconditional love.

What's next for the band?
We plan to release another single early December and have our whole album out by the end of January. After that, me and the Roaddogs plan to release an acoustic album with just harmonized acoustic guitar. After that, who knows. We’re going to try and get a record deal hopefully before too long. We want our first album with a label to be explosive. The rebirth of southern rock. Like if the Eagles, lynyrd Skynyrd, John Denver, and Willie Nelson had a baby.

What's one hobby you love to do when you're not playing music?
I enjoy rock climbing. I’m not particularity good at it but I enjoy going with my good friend Max. He’s an amazing climber.

One artist/band you'd love to open for?
I’d love to open for Lukas Nelson or Marcus King. They are both absolutely amazing. I’ve looked up to them for many years.

How can our readers keep up with you moving forward?
Following us on instagram and Spotify is probably the best bet. We’re just getting started so any support at all helps a lot. Our band instagram is @roaddogstheband and my personal instagram @coleman.Jennings. There will be a lot more music to come in the near future. I hope people will like what we’re doing.