Fifth album from Quebec’s own Durham County Poets and maybe their best yet.
The writing is shared between the five members, and they all bring something special to the party.

If your taste is to soul tinged R&B or Blues with a punch of horns, this fits the bill perfectly. They have a great vocalist in Kevin Harvey and a tight yet sloppy sound that reminds me of Little Feat and Royal Southern Brotherhood but there are moments that are pure Blood Sweat & Tears heaven.

Track after track hits you squarely between the eyes, whether it’s the growl and groove of ‘Mean Old Dog’ or the poetic and soulful ‘Working On It’, I was dancing (not good for a body as cracked as mine) unapologetically and digging the bass lines and punchy horns, the skittering keyboards and especially Harvey’s vocals.

This is one of those albums you put on as background and then, two minutes in, turn the volume up, put the book (or whatever) down and just DIG the hell out of it. If you are of an age, do you remember the first time you heard the Average White Band? Yeah, that good.

Right into my top ten albums of the year.