This is a companion album to the Live album they released in August this year and, since the line-ups are the same and they were recorded at the same shows, the results are not dissimilar.

At their best, Starlite Campbell are exceptional purveyors of good old R&B and rock. They feature one of the best session guitarists and producer/arrangers from the last forty years – Simon Campbell, a superb bass-player in Suzy Starlite, drummer Steve Gibson and the keyboards on here feature Jonny Henderson & Christian Madden on different tracks, none of them exactly unknowns.

The other thing that sets Starlite Campbell apart from the majority of R&B bands is the sheer fun that they have in playing well and drawing the feedback from their audiences. Having been lucky enough to see them twice, the rapport that they build with the audience and the feedback they receive is palpable.

This album contains a few originals as well as some fine covers – ‘Peter Gunn/Shaking All Over’ is superb – and some exceptional playing, especially on ‘Still Got Time To Be My Baby’ – a slow Blues with gorgeous guitar and soulful organ. On the rocker ‘Brother I Need A Light’ they stretch out and wail with Simon’s guitar really hitting some fine points.

My personal favourite is the version of ‘Language Of Curiosity’, very close to the original but with an insistent beat that gets the heart rate well up.

Overall, a fine companion to its original brother.