Formed from four guys who have been around the UK R&B scene for years – ex-Mustangs, Pirates, sessions, function bands et al – and who finally arrived at the same point in 2010, and so The Milkmen were born. They have released three albums before this and are a regular band on the festival circuit.

Lead singer Jamie was a founder member along with Adam who adds lead guitar, keyboards, ukulele, banjo and even drums and they have now added Lloyd on bass and Mike as a regular drummer.

Musically, it is easy to see hints of Dr Feelgood, The Who, Slim Chance and others, but their sound is fresh and lively and their heritage is plain to hear – these are four excellent musicians and sound as though they have found a good place to make their music.

Ok, truth be told, they aren’t the kind of band to change the musical direction of the world or even exemplars of pure R&B but what they are is your favourite bar band.
The kind of band that, when you hear they are playing anywhere nearby, you drop any other plans and prepare for a great night of hot and sweaty Rhythm & Blues, big smiles, plenty of amber nectar and a bit of a bop to go with it. Adam is an excellent guitarist, in a number of styles, and the rhythm section of Lloyd and Mike give the music a real kick and swing. Jamie’s vocals are well suited to the band and, as with Adam, he can cope with full on Blues, ballads and even more pop-oriented stuff.

This is really a fine album, one that has been on repeat for days and with standout tracks of ‘Sing The Blues’ and ‘Highway Woman’ as well as the single ‘Cheap Seats’, I’ll be enjoying this one for a while to come.