After the instant success of the previous release 'Body Says,' Salt Ashes delivers the compelling 'Didn't See It Coming' built on huge electronic dance rhythms. Salt Ashes utilises her dark pop sound to soundtrack her version of a love story with contrasting visuals of David Lynch meets Saturday Night Fever aesthetic.

Shot at classic American diner-style interiors, Salt Ashes is joined by a bunch of interesting characters while being flushed with glimpses of party fever encounters, with Salt Ashes rocking a silver sequence dress.

The music video directed by Kassandra Powell constructed an intriguing storyline with the Brighton-based songstress at the center; she elaborates: "The story is about a surreal love interest that we wanted the viewer to be left wondering if was real or not. We pulled on some of my favorite visual inspirations David Lynch and Nadia Lee Cohen, and threw in some Saturday Night Fever to bring colour and fun to the video. Kassandra Powell (Director) managed to make something super cinematic and surreal yet fun which I love. This video is all about the weird characters and that disco moment".

The accompanying visuals display thrilling flashbacks taking one back to memories of flashing lights and passionate dance choreographies. 'Didn't See It Coming' takes Salt Ashes to another level of artistry in cinematography and musical abilities.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Salt Ashes' headline show at The Grace is being pushed back to November 4th, but her unique dark pop sound is worth the wait. Mark your calendars now, and don't miss out.

'Didn't See it Coming' music video is out now.