When I gave 5 stars to the blistering single ‘Gasoline’ recently, I was a little worried that the new album would be 10 tracks in similar vein with no let-up or variation. Too much of a good thing blah de blah.
Thankfully this is 10 tracks with every one hitting you in a different way and every one a cracker!

From the first incendiary moments of ‘Gasoline’ onwards, Redfern assaults you with his outrageous slide guitar and his voice – like a 60 a day smoker gargling with powdered glass – leaps out of the speakers straight into your cerebellum.

Supported by Dave Marks on bass guitar and Paul Stewart on drums, every track is committed and explosive. Riffs come aplenty and the rhythms are varied but always powerfully applied.

‘Sweet Carolina’ has a bounce and punch to it that reminds me of Marc Bolan & T-Rex in their best days and a solo that shows just what a resonator is capable of.
Straight Blues power kicks off ‘Mercy’ before it kicks into a blasting and funky groove.
There is real darkness around ‘Dark Religion’ & ‘Profane’ and I can see these becoming monster live numbers especially the stomping beat of ‘Profane’.

Troy Redfern really comes over as a breath of fresh air in the Blues/Rock world today. He has an image and no shortage of talent and backs that up with some songs that I just absorbed. There isn’t one wasted moment on the album and it’s one I will be going back to time and again.