A strong album of deep down and earthy Blues from the valleys of South Wales.
Laura Evans has been around a while but this is her first album and it really is a powerhouse.

I love the way that her ‘little’ voice is somehow the focal point among some really strong playing – thumping drums and slide guitar, yet all you focus on is that voice.
A lot of the songs came out of lockdown – if nothing else it gave opportunity to focus without outside interference – and she really sings songs of strength and of fighting back.

As well as the big Blues numbers, she can also do ballads and ‘Fool’ is one of the loveliest tracks on the album – a simple breakup ballad but it gives her voice a full opportunity to show she has both power and range.

The title track is a big, rollercoaster of a number – all about the passions of a short-lived but intense relationship. A touch of Nashville in the jangling guitars but the backing is all about power and intensity.

All through the album there are bravura performances but it is the songs and her voice that makes this a real success and it is one I’ll be enjoying for quite some time to come.