So where do I even begin with this review?

Everybody knows who Queen are, Everybody knows at least one song by Queen and everybody knows that the most talented voice in rock music history was their frontman, but what alot of people wont know unless they have been to one of their shows is just how bloody good they are live, not just how well they play but also how good a show they put on.

There is not an empty seat or a patch of ground spare tonight at Resorts World Arena for this sell out show, a huge crown adornes the screen that sits hiding the stage. The intro to Innuendo plays and the packed room erupts with cheers as Brian May is revealed holding is guitar up towards the gods with his famous stance before Adam Lambert and Roger Taylor come into view.

It's a very upbeat opening to the show and Adam Lambert seems to be in the mood to entertain. He has been with the band for the best part of a decade now and if I am honest I wasn't sure what to expect but he gives a brilliant performance and makes each song his own.

The time comes for Brian to step out onto the runway section of the stage to give a performance of "Love of My Life", and what a stunning performance it is. every single fan had a phone torch in the air and sang there part perfectlly. There is a touching moment when Freddie Mercury appears on screen along side Brian to sing his part and take a bow, leaving a large portion of the crowd with a lump in their throats!

Roger steps up to sing "These are the Days ", a personal favourite of mine which was brilliantly done.
Queen touch on all the classics as you would expect, and provide a visually stunning show including a Brian May solo while he was raised in the air surrounded by planets, it was way cooler than it sounds!

I have been to hundreds of gigs but this may be my favourite of all of them. 2 hours of singing , smiles, tears and the "Radio Ga Ga" clap, with a couple of sweet nods to Freddie but without turning it into a tribute concert to him. Adam showing he is a more than capable singer while Brian and Roger put on a energetic display that would put most younger bands to shame.

Cracking gig!!