Tonight I am in Birmingham for Alice Cooper and The Cult with suppoort from Creeper.
Creeper get the night underway with an energetic set and get a decent reception from the building crowd. I have to admit I have never heard anything by this band but that is the beauty of support acts when they put in a stella set and gain new fans. I really can not fault their performance and I look forward to seeing them again, maybe in a smaller venue surrounded by their own fans.

No introduction needed for the next band, The Cult.
The arena is preety much full by the time they hit the stage. It is abit of a funny atmosphere tonight and I think it is partly down to the fact it's a fully seated gig, not ideal for a rock band. I can't fault the sound and tightness of the guys tonight, they were note perfect. Ian Astbury's vocals were spot on too but that atmosphere was making it hard o get into the show, something Ian commented on himself when he said "Seated gigs suck, and it's a Monday".
That said the crowd did liven up abit when "She Sells Sanctuary" started and for the last couple of songs evryone seemed a little more up for it.
My personel opinion is The Cult did a solid job but i do wonder if The Cult and Alice Cooper being on the same bill really worked, for me they are 2 completley different styles and sets of fans, still great to see them though.

Tonight has been billed as a co-headline tour but there is no doubt in my mind who everyone is here to see, the mighty Alice Cooper!
The curtain lifts to reveal a huge gothic looking castle complete with a staircase to a raised platform. Alice's band made up of Nita Strauss, Tommy Henrikson,Ryan Roxie, Chuck Garric and Glen Sobel come running out with the intro to "Feed My Frankinstien" shortly followed by the man himself sporting his long jackets, top hat and cain.
I have to say I am blown away, Alice's vocals are as good today as I can ever remember, and the rest of the band are on top form in particular Nita Strauss. What an incredible guitarist she is. I think Alice as got it spot on with his band as they provide alot of energy and showmanship on stage.
I mentioned earlier how the crowd had been abit flat but there are no signs of that now, the guys have got the crowd singing and dancing while absolutley engrossed in the show. With Alice Cooper you get more than a gig, you get a full theatrical stage production.
He rips through fan favourites "I'm Eighteen", "Bed of Nails", "Schools Out" and of course "Poison". I could talk for hours about how good this show was but I will just say this, If ever you get the chance to see Alice Cooper, just go as you will never regret it!.

Photo credit: Shaun Hulme