American Hip-Hop artist Leitroleion Troleone , pronounced (Lee-troh-lee-on) is set to release his new single ‘Little Ghetto Boi’s’ through his label Mind Over Money Records on Friday 20th May 2022. The self produced track aims to invoke unity throughout the black community, something that he feels can often be lost due to issues of violence and crime. Leitroleion Troleone has grown up in the hood and can speak fluently of spending his life in New York ghettos and experiencing these problems first hand. The positive message is clear in this record however as Leitroleion Troleone dissects these issues and touches on how he feels they are now worse than ever. We caught up with Leitroleion to find out more...

So, what’s up Leitroleion? What’s on your mind?
What's good just vibin thinking of a way I can be great and do great things.

Tell us everything about your track ‘Lil Ghettos Boi’s.
The track is a take on Donny Hataway's 1972 release of Little Ghetto Boy which has the same message as then. My take is a fresh modern spin on what's happening in the ghetto still to this day. It's one of those tracks that give the youth hope so they don't have to follow the norms of the Ghetto.

When did you start writing music?
I have been writing music for over 25 years but taking it seriously over the last 8 years.

Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration in life is God then I would have to say, my late grandfather

Can you remember the first album that you bought?
The first album I brought was Michael Jackson's Thriller.

You produced ‘Lil Ghetto Boi’s’ track yourself. What would you say that you are most proud of on this track?
Being able to give the youth hope to show them there are more ways out here to get money other than in these streets.

What are your hopes for your future?
I hope to one day not only help but also inspire millions to come together for a better way for all of us.

Do you have plans for the rest of 2022? Live shows, new releases, etc?
Yes, I have a lot of unreleased tracks that are set to drop in the near future. I also have my first album ready just trying to build up the hype for Leitroleion before we release it. I also have an EP that will drop sometime in August with about four or five tracks just to give the people a taste. I don't have any live show plans but I am open to any booking request that comes my way.