Rammed almost uncomfortably full to its 1,500 capacity, Camden’s Electric Ballroom is the host for tonight’s much anticipated double bill of Honeyglaze and Wet Leg.

Handpicked by the main act to be tonight’s support, south London based trio Honeyglaze perch themselves almost apologetically in the limited space left for them at the very front of the stage. They’re understated yet chilled, very much in keeping with the band’s delicate yet sophisticated sound. Their creative melodies are formed from a mixture of styles but with the volume dial close to zero, that delicate sound is somewhat drowned out by the talking in the thronging crowd. It’s certainly impossible to decipher any of the commentary between songs although I just about catch that their self-titled debut album is just about to surface. Out on independent label Speedy Wunderground, the exposure from gigging with Wet Leg will certainly open Honeyglaze up to a sizeable new audience in the capital.

Wet Leg are also here to show off a self-titled debut album of their own, the subtle difference being that theirs has already surfaced and cruised triumphantly to number 1 in the charts following a crazy 12 months which has seen a meteoric rise in the band’s popularity. Their sometimes minimalist but always infectious indie rock/pop saw first two singles, ‘Chaise Longue’ and ‘Wet Dream’ go viral, with dates all over the UK now selling out within seconds. The band are also fresh from performing in the US including SXSW festival, and with Australia and New Zealand also on the horizon, it seems that Wet Leg are ready to fully ride the wave and target world domination!

The set kicks off with album starter, ‘Being In Love’ and they don’t make the fans wait long for ‘Wet Dream’. Rhian and Hester’s beaming smiles and constant giggling suggests they’re having the time of their lives and also hints that they still can’t quite believe their own staggering rise over the last year. Whilst it’s too packed to get right up close, there’s certainly a buzz in the air as the band leave on a high with singles, ‘Angelica’ and ‘Chaise Longue’.

Only time will tell if Wet Leg are deserving of all the buzz, certainly the first album is a corker. If you want to experience what all the hype is about, check out their gig listing here - www.wetlegband.com