The three brothers Wilson – Ash on guitar, Phil on drums and Roger Wilson Innis on bass – captured playing at the Tuesday Night Music Club in Coulsdon.
This was never intended to be recorded for release but the quality is so good, the band released it anyway.

All three have a long history as sidemen of choice and seeing them together is an unusual opportunity.

Of course, just being insanely talented is no guarantee of being worth listening to but The Wilson Brothers buck the trend and deliver an absolutely superb little set. One of those recordings that really make you wish that you had been there.

It’s basically straight ahead rocking Blues with a psychedelic edge to it. Tons of solos and some powerful music along the way. All the tracks were written by the band but there is a lot that the regular listener will feel comfortable with.
I love listening to Ash play guitar. There is an easy feel to the way he stretches out and rips out some solos that would have been raved over back in the day. He manages to get a real acid edge to his playing while never overplaying it.
Brother Phil is a terrific drummer, giving it some real power and driving the music with a sense of funk and perfectly matched to Roger’s fluid and funky bass lines. Listening to Roger on this set you begin to understand why 5 strings are better than 4.

40 minutes of stunning live music and an album I listened to time after time for the sheer pleasure of it.