The 100 Club again plays host to The Godfathers on the middle leg of their first UK tour in two years.

Warming up the crowd for tonight’s show are South London’s WitchDoktors. I’d long been told to check them out and they don’t disappoint with their high intensity punk rock ‘n’ roll and a super charged set, raising the temperature to bring the first signs of sweat dripping from the walls. If you get the chance to see them, you certainly won’t be disappointed! Over the coming weeks, they play Portsmouth, Guildford and London’s Hope and Anchor.

With the legendary venue now primed for The Godfathers to take the stage, the audience anticipation is heightened to red alert as the DJ flicks the switch for the theme tune from The Persuaders, signalling the customary mob style entrance ritual of the band. Lead vocalist Pete Coyne leaves it to the last second, and it’s his arrival which brings the biggest roar from the crowd as the band launch straight into ‘This Is War’. A recent bout of covid shows no sign of damage to Pete’s vocals or spirit, and with no time for a breather, they machine gun straight through into ‘Cos I Said So’. The latest incarnation of the band display all the stage presence and tightness of previous line-ups, whilst keeping an eye firmly on the future as we’re treated to new track ‘I Despair’ from the forthcoming album, ‘Alpha Beta Gamma Delta’ set for release in September.

The hooks and riffs keep coming as they bring out the big guns for an explosive finale. ‘I’m Unsatisfied’, ‘She Gives Me Love’, ‘I Want Everything’ and ‘Birth School Work Death’ bring the night to a close before the repeated calls for an encore bring The Godfathers back on stage to the delight of the crowd.

It’s another triumphant evening in a tour which comes to a conclusion in Edinburgh after a night’s stop-over in Preston. The band will then be taking a few days’ well-deserved rest before they unleash themselvesm on a series of festivals across Europe.