To be honest, it takes a remarkable piece for me to review true heavy metal – far too many bands just focus on thrashing guitars, hammering drums and incoherent vocals. But when a band such as Leader Of Down featuring ex-Motorhead alumni along with a guest appearance from Iron Maiden’s Dennis Stratton cross my deck then I’ll give it a listen.
And, ‘Shock, Horror’, it’s a real belter of an album.

The band certainly ain’t short on power or riffery but their songs actually do contain melody and tunes as well as the relentless beat and in vocalist Matt Baker they have a front man with a great voice and real presence.

The album was mixed and mastered by Cameron Webb at Abbey Road and the sound is really clean and punchy.

The four years since their debut album have seen them consolidating their sound – elements of Motorhead, Priest, Maiden all coupled with an incredibly enthusiastic presentation.

The single ‘Hitman’ is one of the standout tracks along with opener ‘Cats Eye Night’ and the title track but all of the numbers here have positive energy and aggression. ‘Dodging The Landlord’ is going to be a massive live number in the future of the band.

This is real rock and roll in the 21st Century