Meditation is not about how you got there. There are countless ways that humans have reached sublime states throughout the ages. Some use ceremony and ritual, some use rigorous trials, some use religious prayer, and others just close their eyes and await the nothingness. Whatever the method, it is the goal of decluttering the mind and reaching for that place outside of our normal perception of time and space that unites these disparate methods.

With that ethos, Yuval Ron has teamed up with vocalist Úyanga Bold and executive producer of Metta Mindfulness Music Dr. Richard Gold to bring you Sacred Spiral. The collection of seven sonic divinations features a plethora of world-class master performers each bringing their own instrument to contribute to Ron and Bold's vision of light and cosmic levity. The cast brings a diverse lineup of instruments to the table from jaw-harp to cello, sitar to didgeridoo. This provides the listener with a myriad of mantras that flow seamlessly into one another with the ever-present drones and Bold's angelic vocal lines.

A blend of airy, shimmering, and low drones is introduced to begin the meditation. 'Ethereal Voyage' features a duet of sorts between Bold's vocals and Brien Engle's glass harp. Wisps of wind pass through as the entrancing collage of sounds persists. On 'Voice of Freedom', Bold opens herself up further to deeper, more guttural vocalizations in the realm of Dead Can Dance's Lisa Gerrard. A flugelhorn lifted on a cloud of reverb responds in kind to Bold's soul-of-the-earth singing. The course corrects back to a playful levity on 'Mind Vision Invocation' thanks to James Hood's PanArt Hang, the flying saucer-shaped metal hand percussion instrument that feels like a gentler steel drum. Bold's chants are an invitation to dance freely.

Perhaps the most captivating performance on the album comes on 'Mysteries of the Heart' a mystical mantra guided by the breath-taking flute of guru Shye Ben Tsur. Radiohead aficionados may recognize him from his collaboration with Jonny Greenwood on the soundtrack Junjun. The breath control he exhibits is remarkable, pushing subtle swells in and out causing the piece to pulse with organic energy. The calm chirping of friendly birds accompanies Tsur's outro to reinforce the deep sense of calm and communion with the natural world created by the musicians.

The sitar on 'Water of Forgiveness' naturally leads to the iconic wavering vocal delivery of traditional Indian ragas. The new texture offers a new stage of purification and clarity. To follow, 'Darkness into Light' adopts an operatic tone thanks to Dennis Karmazyn's expressive cello. For the finale, 'Deep Earth Chants' leans into the powerful effect of droning instruments with Andjru Werderitsch's warbling didgeridoo and Kenneth Goff's ominous gongs laying down a hypnotic groundwork for introspection.

Sacred Spiral offers meditative music from some of the world's top performers. Each new instrument creates a movement with a unique cadence and vibe, yet the piece flows as one beautifully continuous harmony. A gorgeous respite from the cacophony of modern life and a gateway to the realm beyond.