You may already be familiar with American singer/songwriter Nick Voss, who blew the house down when he performed the Elvis Presley song "Trouble" back in 2011 on the X-Factor. It's since been an exciting journey for the young musician, who has continued to write and record genuine songs that give a throwback to the Golden Age of music showcasing his soft, smokey vocal stylings along with his lush eclectic pop sound. Music-News recently had the opportunity to sit down with Nick and discuss his career + his brand new single "Life On Games."

Tell us about Nick Voss!
Well I’ve been on stage since the young age of 5years old, but really started playing and writing music when I was 17 with a couple rocker friends of mine. After being in several Garage bands I started performing solo and decided to go by the name Nick Voss, I use to go around singing Elvis songs in elementary school and my younger kid friends in Miami would call me the “ EL VOS” it was kind of a nickname for the Spanish Elvis. At one point I thought Voss would be a cool thing call myself as a performer, so I came up with Nick Voss and it stuck.

Who are some of your musical influences? What else inspires you?
I’ve always been influenced by Elvis Presley, I mean I’ve loved him my whole life he’s the reason I started doing this. I use to dress up when I was young and acted just like him. I’ve also been inspired by members of various Rock bands growing up, watching guys like “ Slash play The Godfather theme on the guitar changed how I looked at music, or Eddie Vedder performing with Pearl Jam to an Electrifying crowd at Pinkpop in the 90s. I absolutely loved their fearlessness along with that carefree attitude when they were on stage, it was something I constantly wished to find in myself as an Artist and Performer. I’m always inspired by the artist who can really capture the audience and listeners that make the song feel like it’s something they can truly relate to.

Congrats on the release of your new single 'Life On Games'! We love it. What’s the story behind the songs?
The story behind my new single is about my love for playing video games, I really wanted to write something honest and while I was playing the chords one day I just started writing up some lyrics about my ambition for wanting to make it big while mentioning some of my moments on TV when I was younger. Then I realized that I’m pretty happy left all alone diving into alternate realities and games really do it for me. There is nothing quite like having your feet up, hoodie drawn over your head at the beginning of a weekend and playing your favorite video game titles . It’s for all the gamers out there living in another reality and escaping the real world, There can be a certain peace in that solitude, but we often cheat ourselves out of important experiences. It’s all about balance.”

The music video is also super cool. How did that come together?
I really wanted to tell a story for the music video and I knew that having some CGI was going to be cool, I had envisioned myself as an Avatar in an Old Nintendo like setting and wanted to find someone to help me make it happen. I reached out to a bunch of Graphic artists through social media and eventually connected with Vladyslav Dubyk from Poland, I sent him the track and lyrics along with some ideas I had and he really pulled through with a killer concept and vision. We’ve never actually met and it’s remarkable how we were able to make this happen, he is a true artist and I felt lucky to have his help.

Who is one artist/band that you would love to tour with?
To be honest this is actually a very hard question for me to answer because I really have a broad taste in music and I’m thinking of so many names. I guess if I have to choose I would say touring with an Artist like Shawn Mendes or Ed Sheeran would be really cool they’re fantastic songwriters who I really would love to watch and learn from. If it’s a band I’m touring with then I say it would have to be “ Fun” I truly love their music, it’s kind of been a soundtrack to my journey at times. I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to them.

What’s next for your music career?
I have another single dropping soon called “ Blame It on the Moon” which is greatly inspired by the golden age of music the 1950s with a lot of vintage vibes in the track. Then I’ll be working with Producer Nathan Walters who was a member of Plus One in the late 90s and early 2000s, he’s a super talented writer/and producer and exactly the guy I feel I wanted to find and work with to develop my sound. We’ll be putting out some cover tunes for a bit on Spotify and other platforms . Following that I’ll be dropping another Single recorded out of Capitol Records in Nashville around March or April that I’m very excited about. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, it’s all about growth and finding my sound.

What's your favorite thing to do when you're not doing music?
As you already know it’s definitely playing games, but I truly enjoy spending time with my wife and traveling the world with her. We’ve been blessed to see a lot of it together performing in shows, and she’s always with me wherever I go. I really feel like we have something nobody has, and I’m blessed to have a companion like her, she is behind everything I’m doing 100 percent and that makes me feel extremely lucky. We watch movies every night, chat about things we see on social media, then talk about the future and what we might expect.

How can our readers find you online?
Everyone can find me on social media:
My Instagram is @thenickvoss
My Twitter is @nickvossmusic
And my Tik-Tok is @thenickvoss

My song “ Life on games “ is available on all platforms, and I have more music dropping very soon! I’m also happy to accept a friend request on Facebook if you find me.