Multi-award winning singer-songwriter Shayan Italia has just released his latest pop single ‘Armour of Love’. Recorded by John Hudson, (David Bowie, Pink Floyd, a-ha), mixed by Simon Hanhart (Elton John, Lou Reed), Shayan is ready to take the world by storm with the slick production of the track unravelling his interesting story. His music and achievements have previously seen support with features across the BBC Network, The Guardian, The Times, an exclusive interview by the late Sir David Frost and a unique performance at the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

So, what's up Shayan? What's on your mind?
Hey thanks! At the moment I’m in the midst of moving home. I tend to try and upgrade my entire life every 5 years (part of my self-motivational progress list). It’s really exciting as there is much to be done and there is little time. I like to stay active on my feet and with my mind. I’m also super excited to see my family after 2 years and we’re all holidaying together abroad, much needed break after being stuck in our homes for so long!

Tell us everything about your new single ‘Armour Of Love’?
Forgetting that I wrote it for a second, I genuinely love the song. I love what it represents and the positive energetic vibe it has. For me the title “Armour Of Love” symbolises far more than romantic love – everyone has their “Armour Of Love” – someone who has stood by them through the hardest of times, protected them from harm; been that shield of support/growth when they needed it most. I’m sure you have yours too! This is an epic love song performed by some of the best musicians in the business and we were all together when we cut it live in the studio. Yes it was cut with all of us singing, playing and performing together which never happens and you can hear it in the performances! It’s also recorded on tape…no gimmicks, no technology cheats. I guess that’s why it’s so organic, so fluid, so dynamic and immediate to the ears.

When did you start writing music?
I started writing songs unexpectedly after losing my Mum at a young age. She bought me a piano before she died. She never lived to see me play it. I’ve been prolifically writing ever since. My private song catalogue stands at over 100 songs currently. I’m incredibly proud of it. It’s very personal to me.

Which animal would best suit your personality?
I love bunnies. They’re super cute…and super-quick on their feet too! I make quick decisions and am 24/7 on my feet active. So I relate to them!

Who are your musical icons?
I don’t have one per se but I do revere the greats only because they it was all about the performance. I was seeing an interview with Paul McCartney the other day and he said “We didn’t have computers then to write our music down, so if we wrote something, and we remembered it the next day, we considered that MEMORABLE”. Now how simple yet efficient a concept is that! Today music sounds just too “social media” “short-term” influenced. I don’t think there is even a handful of songs released in the last 5 years that is going to live for say the next 50 years. Now it’s all about that 15 second Tik-Tok hook after which the song fails to stand up for the rest of its runtime.

Artists I admire are: Michael Jackson, The Beegees, Pink Floyd, John Lennon, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and others…

I tend to listen to mainstream melodic pop the most.

What was the first album you purchased?
So as I was a minor/dependent when my parents passed on, my elder brother was doing most of the music purchases at the time but he loved to purchase music from the 60s, 70s and 80’s (the golden eras of music) and we have a proud “PAID” catalogue of hundreds of albums and thousands of songs. We were one of the first to subscribe to streaming platforms years ago.

One of the best albums, though a little old from a previous era, I’ve heard is “Joyride” by Roxette. Some great pop tunes on there!

Which artists are you listening to right now?
The new songs on my “explore” playlist are:

Goodbye – Ramsey (From Arcane – I love the show on Netflix!)
Can I Get It – Adele
Telepath – Conan Gray
Let’s Go To Hell – Tai Verdes
Ghost Town – Benson Boone
Love Me Like That – Bleeding Fingers
Fire For You - Cannons

What does the rest of 2021 hold for you?
In 2022, I launch my flagship wellness app that specialises in Intermittent Fasting. It’s called START and it’s in beta mode now getting lots of positive feedback. I’m very excited about it as I’ve been practicing I.F. for years now. It can help change people’s lives for the better and progress their health leaps and bounds. START is endorsed by some of the best doctors, nutritionists and fitness instructors within their fields of expertise. Let’s see how the new year works out for this. And as stated I’m moving home, so am excited to start a new chapter of my life with new adventures that hold for the near future!