In the times we’re living in, it can be so easy to feel pessimistic. That’s why it’s so important that we have artists like Sheri Miller to remind us of the beauty that is all around us. An astonishing vocalist based in NYC, Sheri Miller is a breath of fresh air, a joyful reminder of the power of music to uplift our souls and spirit. Her new album ‘Waking Up To This Miracle Life’ is a delight from start to finish, and a reminder that even during challenging times, life is still a miracle.

We spoke with Sheri about her new EP, her journey over the past few years, and what she’s grateful for this holiday season. Read on below!

Sheri, congratulations on your beautiful new album ‘Waking Up To This Miracle Life’! Why did you decide to name the record after that song? What does that song title mean to you?

Thank you, I genuinely appreciate it! When writing this record, ‘Waking Up To This Miracle Life,’ I felt inspired how it’s a miracle to be alive, especially at this time. To wake up every morning with a heart beating of its own independent accord, lungs breathing oxygen without us turning on a power switch, seeing beautiful blue skies with our open eyes, smelling delicious fragrances of trees, roses, jasmine, freshly-baked soft chocolate cake, hearing glorious notes resounding from orchestras, brass bands or finely crafted pianos, guitars, drums, listening to golden-throated voices, touching luxurious silk fabrics, and feeling magnificent emotions of love, appreciation, happiness, fun, exhilaration! How being alive in our physical bodies is such a gift; what an extraordinary miracle we have our genius cells working symbiotically in mysterious harmony. Though I don’t understand electricity or the miracle of being born, I’m glad to be here. This record celebrates life passionately. Especially after pandemic, it feels so good to focus on the magnificence of being alive. We did it! We made it. How blessed and lucky we are. The song “Waking Up To This Miracle Life” sings “I scream to the heavens I’m alive, I’m alive, walked through fire, survived, survived. World keeps spinning I’m inspired, I’m inspired, Waking Up To This Miracle Life. I throw my hands up to the sky, see stars born in my mind’s eye, feel your love could almost cry, Waking Up To This Miracle Life.” No matter what struggles you’ve gone through (we all have), there’s always hope, fun, and even joy waiting closely; You’re never alone. If you believe in yourself, trusting there’s unseen help available to us- closed doors open, our timing gets good, and avalanches of beautiful opportunities flow like rivers into our experience. Your tiny extra bit of optimism cracks the door open to success, love, and more of your dreams realized. I choose to keep waking up to this miracle life.

We understand that this album finds you refocusing your energy on “surrendering to the music” after a period of time where you sensed you were drifting from the passion, love, and clarity that had drawn you to music in the first place. Can you tell us a little bit more about that journey?

Yes! I think as an artist, public figure, or human being in a world where everyone has an opinion, a singular perspective, judging or comparing you, with an illusion of competition, that it’s an easy, natural consequence, to want to be seen as the ‘best.’ Craving to be validated or praised by others, can sneak up, and muddy your energy and vibration. Caring and giving attention to what other’s think can weaken the original, initial joyful, pure desire to create; to create for the pleasure of the creative process; for the delight of flowing Life Force, or God/Love force energy through you, in moments of inspiration. I believe the whole point is take pleasure in the flowing of this energy and creative process. I have incredibly high standards of creating excellent music, art and songs, though in relationship to my own standards of excellence. This being said, I confess I do love my music being appreciated, recognized, and known by many, though at one point I got sidetracked off-course by focusing on how I was perceived and validated through others’ eyes. I realized I was suffering, and I chose to shift this attention and focus on how I feel and think about my music. This is a daily, lifelong practice. What anyone else thinks is about them, it actually has very little do with you, you’re just their temporary focal point. So I ask myself- “Sheri, are you having fun? Are you enjoying the creation of this music? Are you enjoying writing these interview questions right now? Or are you struggling for no good reason, to prove yourself to who?” My new clear intention is to take great, immense pleasure in composing my music, recording it, performing it, sharing it in press; to be in a beautiful state of ease, flow, surrender. To let go of the control I never really had anyway. To trust myself. To love myself. To love my music. To love the music.

Writing lyrics to ‘Waking Up To This Miracle Life’ is a pure example of trusting myself. Composing this song, I strongly felt the energy of Joan of Arc, warrior and heroine. Her energy was brilliantly strong, undeniable, and in a rushing, gushing stream, I easily received a hurricane of lyrics, ripe with her valor and warrior energy. It felt like a gift; yet I was afraid to keep her in the song, thinking people might judge me. I meditated taking her out, yet decided, 'It’s my pure intention to honor the art of songwriting; to be high-minded, pristine, true, and in integrity to the energies, muses, creative masters that inspire songs.' I chose to be courageous like Joan of Arc, keeping her in the lyrics, so the art of song, being true to one’s artistic vision reigned victorious. This song is about believing in your dreams, passionately moving confidently towards your soul’s vision, even when others don’t believe, understand, or can’t see manifested, discernible evidence yet of your success, your dreams. Lyrics like

“I shall rest I’ve been down this road before. My soul feels blessed with the laying down of swords
A hundred years fighting other peoples’ wars, but now I’m free, I can breathe

I used to feel the brokenness of my dreams. I’d wither up feel the closing of defeat
I dammed my river flow into a trickling stream. Still I believed, faithfully

All my fury, madness and rage. Ate into me like a fresh grave
Till I could release my driving reins. Surrender to a love that cannot be named

I’ve worn the key that locked me up in chains. I’ve sold myself as a martyr, as a slave
I’ve felt like Joan of Arc, sword of Orleans raise. Charging the night, with fierce second sight

My wild desire, a stallion ahead, I rode blindfolded where I was led
Till seizin’ the wind, blowin’ his hair, I lifted on the wings of a simple prayer

Your new EP is filled with songs that seem designed to inspire and uplift. Is that something that is important to you as an artist and songwriter, and if so, why?

Yes! 100 million percent. My songs are designed with my powerful, deep, profound intention, on a deep soul level, to inspire and uplift others, to reawaken to the magnificence of their own souls. To stir up the dancing of our inner beings; so we can walk through this beautiful world hand in hand, cheek to cheek with our own adoring souls. To love ourselves, just an iota of the amount our own soul loves us, to remember our personal genius, brilliance, and love. To live the most joyful, truly divine, spectacular, gloriously fun life we can imagine. Part of my joy and mission as an artist is to be an open vessel and vehicle to receive these messages; that we are self-empowered creators with the gift of our imagination and guidance of our emotions, how we are liquid love in human body vessels! Storytelling, poetry, melody, music are my special gifts to sculpt the song clay, as a sculptor would chisel their marble statue revealing their art. My calling to birth these songs, record and perform them is wildly, extraordinarily strong. I believe I was born to create music, and to help other people remember their magnificence, via my songs, in this time of awakening in mass consciousness. I’m an artist and woman on a mission.

We love the song “Born To Love.” Can you tell us more about the writing process for that song?

I’m so happy you love it! Creating ‘Born To Love,” an amazingly powerful experience happened, guiding me to ‘surrender to the music.’ Day 1 in recording studio, I thought we had the "perfect" vocal after comping. The next day, after singing for 5 hours, the producer asked me to sing one last take. I said "sure" to humor him, though thinking "there's no way we can use it, I'm too tired." So I let go, stood there singing effortlessly, easily, naturally, without trying. I got out of my own way, allowing the song to speak, my soul to speak. When I opened my eyes, thinking everyone would say it's a throwaway vocal, instead they said, "that was a Grammy-Award winning performance!" Stunned, I listened back, and realized MAGIC had flowed, when I surrendered, letting go of getting an "amazing vocal." This live vocal became our "final vocal." I learned sometimes "magic" is better than "perfect." I trust the magic now.

Having just passed the Thanksgiving holiday, would you mind sharing what you are grateful for this year?

I believe in appreciation, it is the identical vibration to love, pure in form! I appreciate this wonderful opportunity with you- – to answer these uplifting questions, sparkling with optimism! I appreciate social media and distribution platforms, allowing me to easily connect and share my art with you. I appreciate all of you, dear readers and listeners, for taking the time to read this interview and listen to my songs. I appreciate my magnificent music team, which keeps growing. I appreciate every opportunity I have, to be of value and uplift with my music and songs. I appreciate my fantastic friends, family, our dogs, cats, pets, to whom we can flow love. I love and appreciate my magnificent myself, our beautiful world, all of the angels surrounding us, our galaxy, our infinite, expanding Universe!

What are your intentions for 2022?

SM: To have more joyful moments each day. Have more fun. Be easier and lighter, laugh more. Have more wild adventures! Discover new things with zest, exuberance, wonder of a child. Listen to my personal intuition and guidance more, trusting in Universe’s perfect timing. To record my new songs (my most spectacular yet!) feeling love, happiness, joy, fun and ease in process. To keep spreading love, joy, and inspiration with my music and being.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?

Why, I do think we’ve got it! Maybe, dear readers, if you’d like to listen to EP ‘Waking Up To This Miracle Life,’ I would appreciate it! Here’s a link:

You can discover more about my touring, new music, and latest free-spirited adventure at I appreciate you for reading and listening, and I sincerely hope you remember how magnificent you are! I may not know you, but I love you. I Facebook I Instagram I YouTube I Spotify I Apple I Amazon