I already reviewed the lead number ‘Sunshine City’ and it continues to be one of the most effervescent numbers I’ve heard this year but now I have the rest of the EP add to that and it has to be said that it is simply a tour de force.

Three additional tracks and all three show exactly why Elles is fast becoming the most talked about Americana and Blues artist in the country today.

‘Woman Like Me’ has a dark groove to it with Elles vocals up front, smoky and sexy as hell. The band are almost understated, but they create a dense and steamy atmosphere. The song sounds familiar but also catches the listener out, especially when Joe’s guitar solo carries it home.

‘Walk Away’ is completely different. Elles has been working a lot with Tamara Stewart and it feels like this is one of the songs her influence has come through. Acoustic guitar, cello and Elles pleading and sad voice. Definitely one of the best break up songs of the year and possibly just one of the best songs of the year, period.

Finally, ‘Love Is Gonna Win’. If there is a ‘standard’ Elles Bailey song, this is probably it. All of her signature vocal moves and some stunning guitar work all go together to make up a stunning track.

Next will come the new album and on the basis of these four tracks, it will be a monster.