Master of the keys and musical alchemist, Jools Holland owned his show, alongside ‘powerhouse’ Ruby Turner, at the majestic arena, that is The Royal Albert Hall.

Holland’s professionalism knows no bounds when it comes to commanding an audience. Clearly, a master entertainer, Holland has stagecraft down to an art and the result? – a receptive audience, who were transfixed by his uplifting, exemplary performance.

Firing off humour, narratives, he took the engaged audience with him to a new level of audio delights. Creating a scene of warm familiarity with all invited and participating, you could be regressed back to his childhood living room, gathered around grandma Rosie’s pianola.

Boogie-woogie tunes were bounced off the acoustics with his impeccable pianistic technique. Add the blues, a medley of classics, ska, jazz, a duet with his brother Chris etc, all with His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra’s superb instrumentals and the party for all, continued to gain energetic momentum.

Invited to the intimate gathering was ol’ time friend, Chris Difford, doing justice to Squeeze’s Cool For Cats classic with his trusty rhythm guitar, Louise Marshall with her melodic jazz vocals and a stupendous drum solo with ‘The Drummer - Gilson Lavis.

Enter the ‘powerhouse’ vocal soul queen - Ruby Turner, with her spellbinding acoustics, that got the Royal Albert Hall ‘family’ up, dancing and in overdrive with Peace In The Valley.

Opening up the guest list and Lulu evoked a raucous welcome, as she felt the love whilst energetically owning the stage with her infamous 60s hit, Shout.
Mick Hucknall made his entrance, as did Holland’s dog Morris, who graced the screens with Holland’s dedication and uptempo delight - Morris Dance.

A mix of classics paid homage to the world’s greatest artists including, Hit The Road Jack, and the raw talent showcased with a trumpet intro to All You Need Is Love, as the Hall lit up with mobile torches, hands held and we were back united ‘in the family’.

Wrapping up was the grand finale of the ska’s stomping hit - Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think). Jools Holland – the stage your home, the piano your friend and accompanying guests, your family - we salute you sir…