Alexander James Rodriguez has delivered yet another smash hit to the point where he has just been nominated for a prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Award alongside some of Billboards biggest artists in music.

The British teen released his latest single ‘Cherry Bomb’ along with a high energy music video that’s bursting in colour, and we are vigorously toe tapping to it here in the United Kingdom.

The catchy tune was written by Alexander James Rodriguez and is the 14-year-olds tenth studio single as an independent recording artist. With choreography by fellow Brit Marvin Brown (High School Musical), the music video oozes playful tones in Alexander’s cheeky delivery.
Utilizing his acting chops and undeniable British charm, the teen sensation is joined by dancers Isidora Villagra, Jedd Berina, Kaileia Dixon, and McKenzie Cole along with teen model Ava Rose, his “cherry bomb.”

Music News caught up with Alexander to find out more...

So, what's up Alexander? You have been busy since we last spoke. Congrats on your Hollywood Music in Media nomination. Tell us about that!

Wow guys yes, I have been on a mega rollercoaster ride since we last chatted. Tapping into my Brit-pop DNA, I released my single ‘Freedom’ in August which is a Wham! cover song, that was so much fun to record. I loved channeling my inner George Michael, and then promptly dropped my original single, ‘Cherry Bomb’ last month.

The song has just been nominated for Music Video (Independent) at this year’s Hollywood Music in Media Awards, which is super exciting.

At age 14, we hear you are the youngest nominee this year. Tell us everything!

Yes, I just heard that too! There are so many amazing artists nominated within their respective categories this year including Beyonce, Van Morrison, Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi, the list is endless. I have been nominated for Music Video (Independent) for my song ‘Cherry Bomb’ – I have some stiff competition, but I am so happy to be within the mix of such a fantastic show line-up!

We love the music video. What’s the story behind it?

We filmed the music video for ‘Cherry Bomb’ at a 1950’s classic American diner in Downtown Los Angeles. It had a plain easy to work with backdrop that we thought, with a pop of colour and some fun dance moves we could transform it into a “High School Musical” vibing video.

The first thing we had to do was find our “cherry bomb.” It was a funny because we were at an event where I was promoting ‘Bella Loquita’, and at an elevator saw this girl (Ava Rose) complaining about her heels, and my mum nudged me and said – that’s her. That’s your cherry bomb. We didn’t approach her at the event, but when we were close to organizing the music video for ‘Cherry Bomb’, I dropped into her Instagram and simply asked!

From there we added British choreographer Marvin Brown (D23: High School Musical) for the ‘Cherry Bomb’ dance routine we wanted to slot in, and dancers Isidora Villagra, Jedd Berina, Kaileia Dixon and Mckenzie Cole.

In order for the diner to look colorful, aside from our outfits, we searched for really bright food. We had 72 cupcakes, 24 muffins, 2 full sized cakes, fresh cherries, strawberries, lemons, real daisies, coloring pens, and cherry blossom to give the diner the vibrancy you see.

We wrote up the storyboard and filming shot list, and the rest as they say – is history!

Watch CHERRY BOMB below:

We have been following your acting and music career for a while, but at just 14 years old how do you fit everything in with school and acting?

To be honest, I don’t know – we just make it work! I have homework and afterschool activities like auditions, swim, photoshoots and then at the weekends I am in the studio or doing live performances. It really is a daily juggle!

Who are your musical icons?

Gosh – I’d say, Harry Styles, George Michael, and Liam Payne but I love so many artists. It’s hard to pick a handful.

What’s your favourite hobby when you are free from school?

I try and spend my time outside – so I surf, skateboard, skim board a lot. Inside, I mess around with Lego, various Rubik cubes. I read anything mythological and draw dragons and different characters.

What’s coming up next for you?

I am releasing another Christmas single this year, on November 19th and then gearing up for my January 14th release of ‘Alright’. I am in the studio writing new songs and I hope that next year I drop an EP or album.

How can our readers find you online?

People can find me on all music digital platforms.

Music videos can be found on YouTube I Instagram I Facebook I