Making sense out of love and heartbreak, rising pop star Cassa Jackson puts together a diary-like EP, 'I Don't Like It When You Talk About Her.' On this 5-track long project, Jackson dresses her vocals in soulful pop, dark pop, and hypnotic dance-pop, confirming she is an artist to watch.

As soon as you press play, the title track pulls you in via Jackson's honesty and battle with jealousy. Compared to her previous project, 'He's No You,' she does not hold back anymore and says how it is. Moving onto 'Crossroad,' it's giving a whole another level of vocal mastery, soundtracking the uncertainty and confusion of not knowing what the other person feels.

Next up, in 'I Don't Need This Right Now,' Jackson is fed up after enduring too much and finally chooses herself. All the snowballed anger is projected onto 'Knives' with a pinch of dark pop. At the end of the day, Cassa Jackson is just a girl dealing with her heartbreak and turning the natural frustration into hits that make Spotify's New Pop UK playlist.

Hed talent is undeniable, with a down-to-earth personality that attracts more than 162k TikTok followers. Cassa Jackson will showcase her incredible singing abilities on tour with the British band JLS on their comeback arena UK/Ireland tour.

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