The Nordic lands have been responsible for some wonderful music over the years (over the centuries, in truth), so it's always a pleasure to discover a new artist from the North. Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, singer-songwriter Heidrunna now resides in South London, England. She studied at the prestigious Paul McCartney School Of Music in Liverpool, and “You Make Me Feel” is the lead single from her forthcoming debut album. “I wrote this about an experience I had when I was in my hometown.” she says, “It’s  when you meet someone for the first time and feel this electric connection just when you least expect it.”

The lyrical theme is timeless and so too, in a curious way, is the music. Heidrunna's voice is extremely likeable – a little quirky, a little different. This is lushly-produced electronic pop with a definite 80s influence, yet you could never mistake it for an 80s track. The production and arrangement are inventive, warm and possessed of plenty of depth. It feels...well, more real than much contemporary mainstream music. There's nothing self-conscious or self-indulgent here. Heidrunna is an honest artist conveying honest emotion, in a highly enjoyable package.